Personal finances

Effective financial planning is a rather difficult issue and requires professionals’ assistance. What part of your own funds should you keep in savings and which should be invested, including considering serious purchases in the future? In what way could you estimate the risks of investments and create optimal portfolio of investment? What tax duties do you have and how to optimize your taxes?


Tax planning

We will help you to choose a proper tax regime and accounting method, optimize the tax burden and reduce operation costs, including payment for our services. A systematic analysis of changes in tax legislation allows us to adjust the generated model in no time. It gives an opportunity to reduce the risks of loss, undesirable legal consequences and minimize of tax duties. Focusing on tax planning for entities, we provide this service for citizens as well.



If you are just starting your business, we will help you start with minimal effort, we will register a company or sole-proprietor, open a bank account on favorable terms, start accounting, etc. We choose a legal status or a tax regulations, taking into account the specific features of future activities in advance. Unexperienced people can face some problems along the way, unreasonable losses and meaningless routine, which both distract from achieving key goals and demotivate.