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How much do we charge for our services?

If someone can quickly answer the question about the cost of outsourcing for accounting or legal services for your company, without specified details, most likely the conversation is either with an uninformed sales manager or with a layperson. The third option is also possible - an extremely overpriced price, which will take into account all the possible misstakes such as “quick” offer, but it is too rarely to use such a method - it’s too easy to scare off a potential client.

One can hardly find an answer to that question. It is advisable to apply to our manager to clear up all the details about the prices and you will be suggested favorable prices and terms.

The price list is not posted on our site because it is a subject to personnel and individual agreement.

Our customers receive a fixed cost of service per month, quarter or even a year, which includes all the necessary actions and formalities. The price doesn’t depend on the temporary fluctuations in the volume of work. The both sides can plan the budget and financial flows and not worry about unforeseen variable costs.

So, let's answer the question – how much do we charge for our service? It's easy - first describe your company as detailed as possible:

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Assistance in bank account registration in Novorossiysk

Every year we expand our partner network of trusted* banks and helping our clients to open the accounts there including: filling the documents, receive and transfer papers, advise, and also get for you some “cookies” from the bank.

All that takes place directly in Novorossiysk: submitting and signing documents, receiving and activating cards or online banking. We are against the use of the principle “whoever pays the best reward for the client will get it”, we offer only those banks we have worked with before and continue now. So, in which banks we have special conditions:


Modul Bank



Tinkoff Bank



Tochka Bank





* All banks are tested by us and on my own experience!

Accounting and Tax services in Novorossiysk

+ company registration


  • you’re going for startup or any kind of small business in Novorossiysk or nearby;
  • do not want to spend a lot of time dealing with payroll, tax calculation and accounting;
  • have no knowledges, qualification or skills to manage all that “paper” stuff…

Keep in mind our company “A” - we will take care of your taxes, payroll and accounting. We can explain the numbers easily and understandably, no enormous or unclear reports.

Why us 5+?

  1. 10 years of work for a wide variety of businesses.
  2. We are the small business, so we understand you and are aware of many possible problems at the beginning.
  3. Only experienced accountant from our team will follow and help you.
  4. Fixed price, which means no extra bills at the end of the month.
  5. Access to your accounting data on-line 24/7 with clouds and apps.

+ we can register your business by opening a new company!


Get in touch with us:

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Working hours: 10:00 - 17:00

office 309, Gubernskogo street 31, Novorossiysk city